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Have you heard of 6ft-itis? It’s a common affliction for boat owners. It starts with looking at other boats, and you know you have got it bad when you start casting a less than kindly eye over your own boat. The infection is contagious… Your wife has it when both of you start conversations with … Continue reading »

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More men with plans

The title of this post is, of course, a reference to my previous post, another bearded mumble on the topic of employment and cruising. First of all, it looks like I have landed a job. This is great news, because it means a much needed cash injection is coming soon. Ironically, the job is in … Continue reading »

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The man with the plan

The man with the plan was always named Dan, and he lived in a tan van. Those of you who watched Sesame Street know this. However, there isn’t a man with a plan in my life at the moment. Today was our 17th wedding anniversary, and the family took advantage of the extra day in … Continue reading »

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Trip to Port Arthur

We had a pretty exciting trip round. 2 meter southerly swell , an occasional 2 or 3 meter south westerly swell and a 1 to 1.5 north to northwesterly sea on top with no steadying wind made for difficult conditions. We left at 6:30am aiming to be in shelter when the forecast change came through … Continue reading »

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Welcome to Decks Awash!

Welcome to the chronicle of the adventures, trials and tribulations of the crew of the good ship ERIK. Depending on your viewpoint, we have been preparing for this cruise for the last three weeks, four years or a decade. Three weeks ago my role at the company I worked for became redundant. The pay out … Continue reading »

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