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ERIK has left the family…

Posted by on August 4, 2015

it was with sadness and some relief that ERIK has been sold.

We hauled her out for an inspection, touched up the anti foul and replaced the anodes while we were at it. There was an issue with delignification around the prop shaft, but the rest of the boat was fine and she passed with flying colours. Happy current owners, happy prospective owners.

Here is a shot of her going back in…

The week after this was very hectic. We had moved off ERIK two weeks prior, into a house sit. After ERIK’s haul out, I had a couple of days to wrap things up at work, finalise ERIK’s sale, get the removalists to pack the shipping container up, and arrange to see and say goodbye to as many of our friends in Tassie as we could…. But that tale is a seperate blog post.
Back to ERIK; we got her sale sorted, and handed over the keys, gave a stem to stern once over of the systems aboard her, and left her in the hands of her new owners.

A week after we left her, some friends spotted ERIK sailing in the sunset, to her new home down the channel.

Farewell old girl.

It was fun.

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