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2014 Haulout – Day 1

Posted by on March 18, 2014

We hauled out this morning at the DSS for the first time here, and the first time since the Tamar, two years ago.

We dropped the car off down at the DSS last night, then got up bright and sparky (before dawn!) to get the boat ready for the slip and sail the boys to school.

We got the boys up to school with 5 minutes to spare then had the good fortune to watch another boat being hauled, so we saw how they did it.

ERIK hauled easily in their big number two cradle, and she wasn’t in bad shape under the water, either…



We blasted off the mussels and two enormous oysters (no wonder we struggled to make 5 knots on the Christmas Cruise)

One thing we forgot was to put here up on blocks, off the cradle. Now we can’t get at the underside of her keel.

We’ll have haul again, a quick up and down, later in the year and get that bit.

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