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It’s been six weeks into full time employment and I think I have adjusted. No more doing things on my own schedule, no more completely boat-centric lifestyle. Now I have customers, projects, business and staff to concern my waking hours. The job is a good one. I’m working with great people and the role is … Continue reading »

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Working on it

I spent much of the day working on it… Working on ERIK, fitting some carved hailing port boards, putting two coats of red on the starboard rub rail, and fitting a second-hand danbuoy kindly donated to the cause by Richard of APPALOOSA. ERIK looking pretty in the dawn light with a nice red rubrail Working … Continue reading »

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More men with plans

The title of this post is, of course, a reference to my previous post, another bearded mumble on the topic of employment and cruising. First of all, it looks like I have landed a job. This is great news, because it means a much needed cash injection is coming soon. Ironically, the job is in … Continue reading »

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The man with the plan

The man with the plan was always named Dan, and he lived in a tan van. Those of you who watched Sesame Street know this. However, there isn’t a man with a plan in my life at the moment. Today was our 17th wedding anniversary, and the family took advantage of the extra day in … Continue reading »

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Category 3 problems

Someone once told me there are three types of problems in the world: Category #3 problems need money to solve. Category #2 problems need time to solve. Category #1 problems need both time and money to solve. Aboard ERIK, we are starting to have a number of Category #3 problems, and some of them are … Continue reading »

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