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About Us


It’s been six weeks into full time employment and I think I have adjusted. No more doing things on my own schedule, no more completely boat-centric lifestyle. Now I have customers, projects, business and staff to concern my waking hours. The job is a good one. I’m working with great people and the role is … Continue reading »

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The man with the plan

The man with the plan was always named Dan, and he lived in a tan van. Those of you who watched Sesame Street know this. However, there isn’t a man with a plan in my life at the moment. Today was our 17th wedding anniversary, and the family took advantage of the extra day in … Continue reading »

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Category 3 problems

Someone once told me there are three types of problems in the world: Category #3 problems need money to solve. Category #2 problems need time to solve. Category #1 problems need both time and money to solve. Aboard ERIK, we are starting to have a number of Category #3 problems, and some of them are … Continue reading »

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Twas the season to be merry…

What a big year 2011 was… As many of you following the blog would know, we left our floating home snugged up on a mooring in the Tamar and headed southwards for what my father used to call the “silly season”. Speaking of fathers, my Dad generously offered to come up from the Tasman Peninsula … Continue reading »

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A week before we leave

So somebody asked me this morning if was excited about leaving…. Excited!? The concept was so far from my current mental state right now it took my a few seconds to understand! Planning, fretting, organizing, fitting, fixing and buying all sorts of stuff, yes. Excited? No. I’ll be glad when we leave, then what’s done … Continue reading »

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