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Posted by on August 21, 2012

Have you heard of 6ft-itis?

It’s a common affliction for boat owners. It starts with looking at other boats, and you know you have got it bad when you start casting a less than kindly eye over your own boat. The infection is contagious… Your wife has it when both of you start conversations with what you’d do with on a different boat that was just 6ft longer.

Bed rest doesn’t help, or at least not aboard ERIK. Lying in bed reminds us that we have to pack it away… You see, we sleep on the dinner table, which collapses down while the bedding rolls out from behind the removable seat back. We make our bed every night and pack it away every morning, and have done so every day for the the last 6 years. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a bedroom that wasn’t also the lounge room?

That’s 6ft-itis talking.

A good dose of reality helps keep the disease under control. We own our boat, our home, we don’t owe a cent to anybody for her. Looking at prices of other, bigger boats is like a bucket of cold water… $160,000 for that boat? Even if we could sell ERIK for $80k (and in this market, there’s no guarantee of that), where would get another $80k from?

So, you learn all over again to make do with what you have… But boy, that centre cockpit ketch with the below deck walk-through to the aft cabin sure looks appealing.


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