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What I did last week

I liked the trip here. I remember the bushwalk that we did at Canoe Bay. There was a creek on the beach that I went walking through, and I got wet up to my waist. I played with the waves breaking onshore. I waited until the waves would break and wash up to me, then … Continue reading »

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A day ashore

The boys and went beach coming today, first walking on the western shore of the bay before rowing over the the town side of the bay. We went ashore beside the old (?) slipyard. It looks like it’s been abandoned and is now an environmental clean up project, judging by the sign on the gate. … Continue reading »

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My review of today

Hi everyone. Today my little brother brother and I rolled on a large grass slope, rolling down to a large green shed, with a small dark blue shed on the back of it. We had a cats ball knocking each down the large slope, but we liked climbing up just as much. My little brother … Continue reading »

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What I did today

We rolled on the grass slope near the road. I got a headache, but it was fun. I liked to do it because I was always falling down. When my older brother tried to jump on me, I would dodge. We found a dead skua, it had feathers scattered all over the place, perhaps by … Continue reading »

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