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What I did last week

Posted by on September 26, 2011

I liked the trip here. I remember the bushwalk that we did at Canoe Bay. There was a creek on the beach that I went walking through, and I got wet up to my waist. I played with the waves breaking onshore. I waited until the waves would break and wash up to me, then jump back. Then it was time to go back so I got changed into dry clothes, and I got them wet on the way back too.

The trip into Dunalley was a bit windy, but I could stand it. I had a muesli bar or two. When we tied up at the jetty, I played in Grandpa’s trailer.

We went into Hobart, and we bought a movie called “Tangled”. I like it a lot. My brother and I know the words to it now, we can talk to each other using the movie words. There’s a chameleon in the movie, named Pascal, and think Pascal is the funniest character in the movie, but Maximus, the horse is right up there too.

I hurt my hand. My brother and me were doing a duel with sticks and Lachlan hit me on the hand. I just ran inside and showed dad, and he fixed it all up, now it’s a big scab.


Yesterday we had a BBQ with lots of people. My cousin Will came around. He had a game on his iPod called “Infinity Blade” and it was really good. Dad got it for the IPad, so now we have it too. Only in a day we made a character more powerful than our cousin. He’s got an insanely good sword, a good helm and good armor.

It was really good to wrestle with Will, we wrestled so much I got a headache. He knocked me back so a I pretty much flew over my bed, and I landed on the floor, and that’s when I got the headache of death.

This week i’m pretty much sometimes going to help Dad, sometimes play dungeon siege or infinity blade, or sometimes do nothing. I think it’s called infinity blade, because that’s the best sword in the game. Oh! Tomorrow we are going on a plane trip and that going to be very exciting.

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