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Tagged With: Painting

Making hay while the sun shines

With an empty berth next to us and no wind, we took advantage of the conditions to spin ERIK around and paint the rub rail on the port side. After a big omelette breakfast, we got stuck into it, because the weather this Easter is looking very average. There’s a CYCT cruise to Maria scheduled … Continue reading »

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Haulout at TYC (Day 10)

We got up early today to mask the boot topping off ready for punting. The boot top is the area between the bit below the water (the hull) and the bit above the water (the topsides), and we use a hard anti foul for boot topping paint to create a pleasing contrast between the two. … Continue reading »

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Haulout at TYC (Day 9)

I have added two things today, to my list of why I don’t like painting. paint spatters in my hair bugs landing in my fresh white enamel, the little bastards Just for fun, it topped 32 degrees (C) here and it’s just over 29 right now. I’m exhausted, again. At least I’m sleeping well at … Continue reading »

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Haulout at TYC (Day 8)

Yesterday being a public holiday around these parts, today was the first day I could go out and get things needed for the boat. First stop was Tamar Marine, to get a tin of International’s Prekote undercoat. It’s really good stuff, by the way. Fills nicely, dries quickly, and sands really well. Downsides are its … Continue reading »

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Haulout at TYC (Day 6)

I got stuck into the engine room today: Fitted one exhaust hose Removed the other one Found out that the second one is slightly longer, so the one I have will become a spare (good thing) and I’ll have to walk back to ENZED and get another length (bad thing) Cleaned out the saltwater galley … Continue reading »

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