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Haulout at TYC (Day 8)

Posted by on March 13, 2012

Yesterday being a public holiday around these parts, today was the first day I could go out and get things needed for the boat.

First stop was Tamar Marine, to get a tin of International’s Prekote undercoat. It’s really good stuff, by the way. Fills nicely, dries quickly, and sands really well. Downsides are its cost and that it must be topcoated in a day or two.

I also tried to find an adaptor for a hand pump so I could inflate our spare fender. There isn’t any such thing, which was a bit disappointing. I’ll take the spare around to them for inflation…

Then it was off to Jaycar for some 12v LED’s, as I plan to redo my electrical distribution panel over the next little while.

I popped into my ever so unhelpful employment agency, and let them know I had a job and that I would be leaving their fine locale. They had me fill out a bunch of forms for the pleasure.

Then it was onto a place to get a pack of 100 grit sandpaper. Note to self, don’t do a haulout without enough bloody sandpaper.

Also picked the extra length of exhaust hose from ENZED out in Inveresk.

Alex walked around with me the whole way, to keep me company. He’s a fine lad!

When I got back to the boat, Lis had gone over the top sides and started on the toe rail with the undercoat.


I got stuck into the engine room and rebedded the exhaust outlets, then through bolted them with the new fasteners and plastic washers. I finally lubed up the hose with some lanolin and got it all into place. Exhaust system complete and ready for the water!


Lis and finished sanding and washing down the top sides tonight, before dinner. Tomorrow is going to be hot, so we’ll rise early and put on two coats (we’ll roll and tip) of enamel on before it gets too warm, then maybe do the rub rail. In the afternoon we’ll put on four liters of antifoul with a roller.

Hopefully by Thursday we can mask off the boot top and paint that, and paint either the toe rail or the rub rail (or both!) ready to into the water again at high tide Friday morning.

We shall see.

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