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Haulout at TYC (Day 9)

Posted by on March 14, 2012

I have added two things today, to my list of why I don’t like painting.

  1. paint spatters in my hair
  2. bugs landing in my fresh white enamel, the little bastards

Just for fun, it topped 32 degrees (C) here and it’s just over 29 right now. I’m exhausted, again. At least I’m sleeping well at nights!

That made painting pretty interesting, the bloody stuff kept drying too fast to tip off, and maintaining a wet edge was very difficult. We just managed to get two costs of gloss enamel on without “holidays” or “sags”. Holidays are where there isn’t enough paint, sags are where it’s too much and it runs, drips and sags.

We got the outside and top face of the toe rail done too, then got stuck into the antifouling.

We have used Jotun’s SuperTropic for years, and in the cold water of Tassie, I think it’s fine. We put a coat on thick, and an extra around the waterline where most of the growth happens. It works well, with only a bit of slime after twelve months. Where we have problems is on the very bottom of the keel, the place we can’t reach. Under there we get mussel chandeliers and barnacle forests… One day we’ll get the boat on a TravelLift and get access to those bits…

So she’s looking fine now:


Boot top and rub rail tomorrow, strong wind warning and thunderstorm forecast permitting.

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