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Current Plan

Posted by on March 23, 2012

We are have just tied up at Low Head Pilot Station after buying a few groceries at Georgetown. We had a a wet and bouncy trip up on the outgoing tide, with a heavy swell coming up the river.

It’s currently lulling to 20kts, gusting to 35, and I’m really hoping this weather is going to fade, as forecast.

The current plan has us picking up an extra member tomorrow and heading off for Bank Strait to arrive off Cape Portland at midnight in a dying westerly, then it’s down to Eddystone, follow the 80m contour to Wineglass overnight and by dawn on Monday, be off the Marion Narrows ready to come over the bar with the tide.

….but this weather is atrocious. I’m worried it’ll swing SW without abating and then we’ll have the seaway coming into the harbour and mashing us against the dock.

Here’s the plan for the passage:

Low Head to Cape Portland, 58nm, 12hrs, depart between 1200 and 1400 on Saturday 24th at high tide to arrive at 0000 on Sunday 25th. Weather expected to be WSW 10 to 20kts swinging W, 10 to 15kts, overnight, stronger offshore. Will route to the south of Ninth & Tenth islands, to the north of Waterhouse and Fosters Reef.

Cape Portland to Eddystone Pt., 30nm, 5hrs, 0000 till 0600 on the 25th. WSW winds expected, 5 to 15 kts. Must be through Banks Strait by 0600 on Sunday 25th, but not to arrive at Swan Island before 0020 on Sunday. Will route to travel inside Swan Island, outside Black reef and George’s Rocks, and clear outlying rocks off Eddystone.

Eddystone Pt. to St Helens, 18nm, 2.5hrs, 0600 till 0830 on the 25th. Little wind expected. Route will take vessel clear of rocks off St. Helen’s Pt. and follow the 80m contour down the coast.

St. Helens to Wineglass, 60nm, 12hrs, overnight from 0830 on the 25th till 2030. NNE winds 10 to 15kts, building during the day and swinging W and easing overnight.

Wineglass to Marion Narrows outside Schouten & Maria Island, 51nm, 10hrs, 2030 till 0630 on the 26th. W winds expected, 5 to 10kts swinging N to NE later in the day. Low tide at Narrows is 0720 for Monday the 26th. Look to catch incoming tide over the bar before the winds swings N.

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