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About today

Posted by on December 14, 2011


Today we went to Seahorse World. We went on a tour there, saw heaps of seahorses, and two enormous crabs. The crabs were very big, they were about the size of a wallaby! It was red and white. It had big and small pincers, there was enormous one… Big! And one tiny one. The little one was as big as my hand. The enormous one was the size of a toddlers arm!


We also saw a squid, it was a calamari squid.

I also have something to say about the seahorses… There was lots of tiny, tiny baby seahorses. Smaller than my fingernail, they pretty much just swum around. They were all sorts of colours… Red, yellow, a reddish black and very few green ones. The green ones often had enormous bellies. There was one with a really big belly. They keep eggs in their bellies.

Leafy sea dragons! Well, for starters there were two leafy sea dragons. They were, well, their body was the same colour as some seahorses, the reddish black. Their leaves were a sort of light, very bright green. They had a nose the same length as a seahorse nose. They swum with two sort of leafy branches coming out of them, those were their fins.

We also went to Platypus World, but Lachie is going talk about that.


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