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What I have been up to…

Posted by on November 14, 2011

About two weeks ago, me and brother, my mother and my father walked from one end of Wineglass Bay beach to the other, then up to the lookout. Then mum and Alex had a look from the lookout and me and Dad pressed on to Coles Bay. We bought some supplies and turned back. Unfortunately it started to rain on us on the way back. We caught a ride back with some German tourists to the base of the track leading over the saddle.

I got very tired on the way up the saddle, but it seemed like a piece of cake going back down the other side. Finally we got to the beach and walked the length of it and had some nice tea when we got back to the boat. I slept the best I had in ages that night. I think I tired out all the muscles in my legs and the back of my neck and I snapped all the muscles in my consciousness. I don’t think I even bothered to get undressed for bed, I just had dinner then climbed into my bunk and slept.


The trip from Wineglass Bay to Waubs Bay as reasonably swelly, but as the journey ended the swell flattened out a bit and sped us up a bit. The first night we stopped in Waubs Bay and had a nice dinner of roasted lamb shanks. When we finished chewing the meat off bone we tossed the bones over the side. The water was extremely clear and you could easily see the bottom, three or four meters down. We were surprised to see a flathead fish nearly exactly the same color as the sand swim up and try to steal away with the bone… But it was too heavy.

The trip to St. Helens was much the same, and we had a pleasant trip over the bar with not much waves. We have been admiring the amount of pelicans, swans and cormorants in the area. the pelican travel in large flocks looking for schools of fish to prey on.

The swans tend hang around a very shallow beach, and you can see near a hundred of them. They all like black rocks with stalks sticking up in the air. The cormorants hang around minding their own business looking for fish.


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