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The St. Helens History Room

Posted by on November 14, 2011

The whole four family went up to the history room. We saw a movie called the Tin Dragon. The people in the movie were mostly all from China. There was this boy that went out to try and find his father, and he was guided by the Tin Dragon. The boy found his father at the Blue Tier Mine, but his father was sick. The annoying thing was that you never found out if the father made it back to China or not.

I found out about the clothes and the rules for teachers. It was from a long time ago (1915). They couldn’t go out, only with people they were related to and they had to wear clothes all the way to their ankles. If they got married, they had to quit. They couldn’t dye their hair, and they couldn’t wear bright colors.

On the way back from the museum I found an enooooooooormous moth. I thought it was dead and I squeezed it’s guts, then it wiggled it’s legs! Then I freaked out Mum with it, and then I held it in my hand for a bit, then Dad put it out it’s misery.


Update from the editorial team:
For those familiar with St. Helens History Room, Sue Briginshaw has “stepped back” from running the room, after years and years of dedicated service. Kim now runs it, and Larissa is working at getting touch with her to build a relationship with Hobart Maritime Museum. For those not familiar with it, it’s costs $5.00 for family admittance into the room, and it’s well worth the price. The Trail of the Tin Dragon movie is a very high quality production and the exhibits of the mining and maritime history of the area are interesting. Good for an hour or three of browsing.

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