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My thoughts of Port Arthur

Posted by on September 12, 2011

I thought Port Arthur was really quite boring… But my parents thought it was very interesting and spent hours and hours poring over the ancient history sites.

On the trip up to Port Arthur we had a large 3 meter swell and 2 meter waves. My brother and I both didn’t get sick, but once we had a muesli bar or two and later on I threw all over the deck… But my brother threw up all over me!

My pajamas got covered in vomit, and I have had to sleep in my clothes ever since. My father didn’t actually realize this until this morning when I revealed the news. I have been wearing my “pajamas” day in day out underneath my faithful raincoat and wet weather pants.

The reason I have been wearing the raincoat and pants is because we have been battered by powerful storms with rain with hail first. Usually after we have had all the rain and hail and my parents have gotten over the addiction of looking at history sites, dad and I will go back to the boat to play Dungeons and Dragons.

The characters in our game are going fairly well, and for those of who don’t know what D&D is, its a role-playing game that I myself am addicted to. Right now we have six level 10 characters and a level 8 war pig who has only 15 hit points. In case you are wondering why I am being so accurate, it’s because we only stopped playing last night where we killed Skalmad, King of All Trolls, and found out his warriors are invading Moonstair.

Anyway, getting off D&D, Port Arthur is currently fairly sunny with a light swell and annoyingly it looks like we are going to be trapped here for another four days at least. My little brother just told me he likes this news, and I think this is because he gets even more hot chocolates and ginger beers.

This all I’m blogging today, because I had to get back to my thoughts about D&D and the new characters I’m creating. Bye!

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