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Let there be light!

Posted by on September 24, 2011

I spent this afternoon in the engine room fitting LED strip lighting… And boy, am I happy with the results:


I can see my engine! Is that great? All boats should have engine room lighting, even if the only use to show off to visitors.

I can now see all sorts of things. Lamentably, or possibly fortunately, I spotted this:


That’s a bronze or brass elbow on top of the engine sea water inlet. The seacock is stainless, and that corrosion looks pretty horrible. I’m thinking it may be galvanic. Anyway, it’s clearly in need of replacement. Anything that blue has probably dezincified and isn’t going to be far away from porous if isn’t already.

On the row back ashore, the setting sun caught ERIK and I was struck by how nice she looked… So I took another photo.


Don’t you think she looks nice?

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