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Rats in the rigging

Posted by on August 19, 2011

Some if you know of the dramas I have had trying to run anything down the inside of the main mast.

The theory was that there was some two part foam in there. This was based on the crunching sound achieved when you dropped a lead weight, with a mousing line attached, down the mast.

Now the masts are out, the culprit has been found. Bloody rats!

There’s about 12 to 18 inches of rats nest in the mast, above the spreaders, completely filling the inside. We have had at it for about two hours now trying to get the bastard out, but gravity and a bit of moisture has done good job of packing the nest in there tightly.

The theory is that the masts were out for a period at some point, sitting with halyards and rigging all reeved at the back of some shed… And rats have got in there and made a nest.

Little bastards.


The picture above shows some of the pile of leaves, grass and bark we have pulled out so far… Still can’t see daylight through the mast centre.

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