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How white is my pole?

Posted by on August 26, 2011

We put the top coat on the masts today!
White masts! No more red oxide primer making them look very second-hand.

Dad and I finished and tested all the electrical wiring on both masts today (tip for those that don’t know: festoon LED bulbs are polarity sensitive). We fitted the wind generator to its bracket and then cleared out so my beloved could get in there and paint. I’ll take some photos later and add them to this post. She has done a fine job varnishing the booms too (all three!), they look like they have been dipped in honey.

While she was hard at it, we came back here and pulled the wire for the boat side of all the new wiring. I fitted a junction box in the hanging locker to terminate the mast wiring for the main, and another in the engine room for the mizzen wiring. Tomorrow’s job is to terminate all the wiring in behind the switch panel, and punch it down on the termination strips in the junction boxes. I also have to put ends on the new VHF cable.

The BYC have been great in letting us use their huge dingy shed for this job. Yesterday it gusted 60kts as a storm front came through, and I shudder to think how long this would have taken if we had to do it outside in the weather.

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