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Back in the water at last!

Posted by on March 24, 2014

We got back floating this morning. After a minor hiccup with a busted attachment point on the forklift (not ERIK’s fault), Rowan at the DSS dropped us in nice and smooth.


We tied her up, loaded the dinghy up on the housetop, got the engine started… Hang on, where’s the ignition key…

“Honey! Have you seen the engine key?”
“Haven’t touched it…”


Frantic search for the key begins. It got moved from its usual spot because I was working on the main electrical panel, where the ignition switch is.

Did it get packed away with the electrical stuff? No.
Did it fall in to the now horribly scungy and evil smelling refrigeration box and is perhaps sitting in the 2″ of brown water at the bottom… Ugh. No.
Where was it? Under the biscuit tin. That’s right… under it. I’ll have to ask our sons how that might have happened.


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