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Posted by on February 25, 2013

We went down the Peninsula on the weekend. It’s not the first time since the fires, but it’s impact hasn’t faded.

People living in tents or sheds next to the burnt out rubble of their houses, the pervasive smell of burnt things in the air, the alien autumn-like browns and golds in the foliage; these things haven’t changed in the 6 weeks since the fires.

What has changed are the signs of re-growth. Bulldozers have left swathes of smooth brown soil in the removal of rubble. Native green grasses are sprouting in the burnt out forest floor. Bulbs in Dad’s garden have sprouted and bloomed.


It’s like nature has made peace with itself, and is moving in.

And so it goes with selling ERIK. Never mind the fact that we can’t find anything we like as much as ERIK, and never mind that its a crappy market to try and sell a boat for good money in, the simple fact is that I feel like we are just moving on from the idea.

Yes, the downsides are still there, but we are moving on. Time to start saving for more boat improvements!

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