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Fire and ashes

Posted by on February 15, 2013

Christmas was great. New Years Eve was even better…

The Dunalley bushfires weren’t.
That smoke plume in the photo below was the Forcett fire raging down on the Peninsula.


We were ok, we sailed out the day before fire swept through but our car and shipping container were at Dad’s place, and Dads place and all his sheds burnt to the ground. He lost just about everything.


Dad evacuated south to a friends place, but that place came under threat the next day. He evacuated to the beach, but got to go back to his friends place after the fire changed direction.

All the roads into the area were shut, and while Dad only had what he put in the car, he didn’t want to leave it. So he stayed put until the roads reopened enough to get people out, a few days later.

We lost Beryl, the ballistic blue brick to the fire and all our photos, which were in Dad’s house. The container and all it’s contents survived, which is great, because Dad will have some familiar furniture to refurbish his house with.

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