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Thieves, sneaks and rogues

Posted by on July 8, 2012

We had thieves aboard early this morning. We awoke to the pitter-patter sounds of furtive feet on the side deck.

The dear wife sat bolt upright, waking me with a start. By the time a half dressed her and naked me clambered out into the cockpit, we saw three juveniles at the marina gate. They had a life-ring and maybe something else small and they took off at a run towards the CBD.

We called TasPorts and the Police. The cops where down in minutes and took a statement. They told me that they had other units in the city looking for the culprits.

The security camera feed didn’t get much, it was pointed somewhere else at the time, and only just caught a blur and some shadows in the bottom of a few frames. Bit disappointing, but in my experience, most camera feeds aren’t a big help in identification anyway.

Checking equipment aboard, our life-ring wasn’t missing. It’s tied on to our dan-bout as a part of our MOB system. It looks like they may have tried to remove a fuel jerry off the side deck. They are lashed in placed, and our youngest commented, “You have to know your sailors knots to get them undone!”.

Nothing seemed to be missing aboard ERIK, so somebody else on the Marina is missing a life-ring this morning.

What grand way to start a Sunday.

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