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Getting there…

Posted by on August 23, 2011

The booms now have a few coats of thinned varnish and their first coat of unthinned.

All the wiring in the masts has been pulled through, and I even left the mouse in there as an endless loop. Not much room left in the 32mm conduit we riveted in there, though.

The wind generator mast is fitted. Done up tight it doesn’t budge with a couple of 11mm x 150mm bolts through it. Went into town today and got some nyloc nuts to replace all the old, peened over ones. Also bought replacement bolts for the mizzen cap and lower shroud tangs. The masthead crane bolts for both masts have also been replaced.

Just before it got too dark to see, I fitted the steaming light and forward flood light. I also, sadly, had to cut Matt Orbell’s fine effort for the masthead tricolour light. His wiring wouldn’t fit through the hole… And I only found this out after I had reeved the wire through the mast. Just as light faded I finished the staggered join and got them all connected up again (this time with brown as the earth, Matt)

Tomorrows effort will be to fit the aft flood lights to the mizzen spreaders, fit the new VHF anntenna base, anemometer and masthead trilight. Then I’ll give the masts a coarse sand ready for the undercoat. Then it’s two coats of top coat and they will be ready to go back on the boat.

I have fit the boat side of all this wiring, and terminate it all in a jiffy box, one for each mast. I also have to fit the tiller end of the autopilot fitting…

I’ll be glad when all this is done and we can go sailing!

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